Emily has a collection of instruments including a full sized concert pedal harp from Camac Harps (France), Camac ‘Mini Blue’ electro acoustic harp, Camac DHC 32 carbon fibre electric harp, violin, 26 string Harpsicle and 22 string Camac Bardic lap harp.  Emily uses a Headrush Looperboard and an array of external effects pedals.  Emily can utilise any combination of these instruments and loves the challenge of meeting the brief of any performance context no matter how unusual.

Emily has high quality PA systems for amplification suited to crowds of up to 500.

Emily is based in Launceston, however travels throughout Tasmania and beyond.


Please contact Emily to discuss your requirement and she will provide a detailed, obligation free quote taking into account the nature of the event, duration of performance and any travel involved.

PHONE: 0407 350 719



Harps are precious, valuable and fragile instruments and have a few specific needs in regards to environmental factors.  Some things you need to consider include:

  • The harp must not get wet or damp under any circumstances. If you engage Emily to play at your event, you must have a contingency plan for inclement weather.  She will not be able to play outside if it is raining, or if rain is likely unless adequate shelter is provided.
  • The harp must not be placed in a very hot environment and preferably not in direct sunlight on a very hot day as this can cause damage to the instrument along with causing problems with tuning.
  • The harp needs to be placed on a flat, dry, clean, firm, level (non-sloping) and stable surface; you will need to ensure this is provided.
  • If it is windy and the harp is outside, the wind can make a noise as it resonates through the harp.  It may not be a noise you expect to hear and can be reasonably loud.  Good to be aware of so that you don’t get a surprise!
  • If there are multiple or high steps to access the performance space, then Emily will need a hand to get the harp into place as it is heavy and hard to move alone on difficult terrain.